On 21st April 2024, ACT Foundation provided the lenses and other required surgical supplies for another 46 cataract surgeries at the district general hospital in Kilinochchi, where  ACT Foundation Sri Lanka is partnering with the hospital to deliver cataract surgeries. The patients were carefully selected on a need basis for the cataract surgery. 

Sponsors from around the world provide support through ACT Foundation UK to buy the lenses and necessary equipment, and the local ACT team does research into purchasing the correct items.

Dr Ganaruban, Consultant Ophthalmologist, conducted these cataract surgeries at Kilinochchi General Hospital. All staff members in the team worked beyond their usual hours for this eye camp. Some travel from far away, working for more than 12 hours during the eye camp, taking care of these patients and ensuring their well-being.

Already struggling with poverty, each person expressed their deepest gratitude for the service the ACT team, sponsors, and the medical team are doing and for taking such good care of them.  We deeply respect and show gratitude to everyone involved in making this service happen in an area where the need for cataract surgeries is so great and people cannot afford to have them done.

ACT Foundation has supported more than 920 cataract surgeries in Sri Lanka.4

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