The ACT Foundation continues our services for the students of Sinnadampan Bharthi Tamil Vidyalaya in the Nedungeni Division of Vavuniya District.




Over 7,000 hot lunches have been provided to these kids over the past 19 weeks under our School Nutrition Meals Program.

This school serves some of the most underprivileged villages, with more than 97% of the students coming from families living under the poverty line. This program has focused on secondary school children aged 11 to 18.

The meals are 100% plant-based, cooked on-site every day at the school kitchen from locally sourced ingredients, and served to the children during the lunch intervals. 

While this project directly meets the needs of the students, it will also relieve the families from the economic stress they have on their school-going children. This project would be a helping hand to the struggling society in Vanni, Sri Lanka

The cost of this program is sponsored by a kind-hearted donor group from Australia who provide the funds via Anbaalyam Inc.

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